Who Would Win in a Battle of Star Wars vs. Harry Potter?


Australian YouTube sensation Danny Philippou, who goes by the handle Racka Racka, has created one of the most brilliant fan videos that answers a question that may have been asked in your home: Who would win in a battle of Star Wars vs. Harry Potter?

One story comes with light sabers, The Force, and the Dark Side; the other story comes with wands, spells, and Voldemort. If a character from one franchise were to go into combat with a character from the other, what would that look like and who would triumph?

Danny and his friends attempt to answer this question with their amazing video that has gone viral in just a few days. The special effects are, forgive me, out of this world. (Heads up: There is one swear word said around minute 2:50 so you may want to preview this before showing to your kids.)


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