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I have only a slim photo album of my childhood. My mother had an early Polaroid camera, but the cost of film was prohibitive, so the pictures were taken infrequently. I only have a handful of my school photos, too; sadly, we couldn’t usually afford to purchase them so I only got to see the MORE »

Filling Your Walls With Your Photos

Obviously, the biggest perk to having a nice camera is the amazing images it can help you create. Too often, we upload these photos to Facebook or other image-sharing sites, and leave it at that. But wonderful pictures are meant to be framed! Creating a photo display sounds daunting, but once you find the right MORE »

The Holidays: California Style!

One of the greatest things about living in California is the diverse cultural resources and landmarks. But the seasons end up being a little… shall we say… different. We don’t really have them. What we lack in seasons, we make up for in being awesome. Sure, most of our lima bean-looking state is bereft of MORE »

How to Ice Skate for Toddlers

Of the many activities I’m teaching my son, one is procrastination. I’ve taught him all the important things: farting audibly and announcing it to bystanders, getting cookie crumbs all over the couch, making that “ahhhhhhh” sound after he drinks something that hits the spot, and declaring which bathroom number he counted to on the toilet. MORE »

Capturing Our First Snow Adventure with Samsung!

I know. I’m a horrible California father who has never taken his son to see snow in real life. Sure, he’s seen it many times on television and in books, and he’s even touched ice in the freezer, but frolicking in actual snow has never occurred before. Before you behead me and put me on MORE »

5 New Year’s Resolutions to Make With Your New Camera

Did the holidays leave you with a new camera in your possession? Or perhaps a new piece of equipment, maybe a macro lens or remote shutter release? Even if you didn’t get a new camera for Christmas there’s a very good chance you have one and an even better chance you don’t use it as MORE »

7 Signs You Are Taking Too Many Pictures of Your Kids

‘Tis the season to take tons and tons of photographs of the fam, right? But these days it’s always the season. I have 16,000 pictures on my computer waiting for me to do something with them! When I was a kid, my step-father was a photographer and he was constantly taking pictures of everything. Unfortunately MORE »

High-Tech New Year’s Cards

One of my favorite things about opening the mail in December is getting to see all of the incredible holiday cards from my family and friends. In the past I’ve sent out some pretty creative holiday cards (if I do say so myself), but this year I’ve been slowed down by my pregnancy and the MORE »

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