Hostages on CBS: I Medium Care


hostagesCBS’s new offering, Hostages, is about an awesome surgeon played by Toni Collette (love her!) who is taken hostage by an FBI agent (whaaaa?) played by Dylan McDermott. She’s about to operate on the POTUS, and McDermott (get this) demands that she kill the prez during surgery in order to keep her family safe. Secrets emerge. Motives remain opaque. After the pilot, I am medium interested.

The show has a good premise. Everything about it is fine. It’s fine in the way Person of Interest is fine, and I will watch to see Dylan McDermott in impeccably-fitting kidnapper gear the way I watch Person of Interest to see Jim Caviezel in impeccably-fitting suits.

I’d like to find out why an FBI agent wants to kill the president. So I’ll watch another episode. There’s some intrigue there. But here’s the thing: Dylan McDermott has this cute daughter whom he calls “Soy-soy.” I can’t live with that. I’m sorry. It’s horrible. I guess her name is Sawyer? No one says soy soy. Dylan McDermott wouldn’t say soy soy. I almost deleted the show right then. My willing suspension of disbelief can can be taxed and tested if you are creative and give me something good. Don’t fritter it away on a nickname like “soy soy.” Life’s too short and my watch list is too long.

But here’s also the thing: Toni Colette is a treat to watch. So let’s see what she can do. And Dylan McDermott can somehow conceal a used pregnancy test in his bare hands (ew) while coming off as surprisingly manly and bizarrely endearing. And so, CBS, I’m in for one more episode of Hostages. As long as you keep the camera on Toni’s face and the stubble just right on Dylan’s, I medium care, and that’s not nothing.

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