How Fergie and Josh "Dreamed up" the Name Axl Jack


Fergie seen on 'Extra' show with Mario Lopez at Universal Studios in HollywoodNaming a kid is one of the hardest and most important things we do as parents, in my opinion. And I am always curious to know the reasoning behind each new one I hear.

Fergie and Josh’s choice of Axl Jack seems to completely suit their little rocker. I mean, how could this kid not be musically inclined and pretty darn good looking? However, they picked the name way before they first saw their little guy.

Fergie told Ellen DeGeneres that the inspiration came from a dream she had while she was pregnant. She was at a music festival in the audience. Jim Morrison, Bob Marley and Axl Rose were on stage. Just as she was dancing and getting into the groove, she felt her son kick her for the very first time.

“It was like he was feeling the music with me,” she says. “I woke Josh up and I said, ‘Honey, honey, honey, he kicked me. He finally kicked me.'”

Fergie explained the dream to Josh and, she says, “He was like, ‘Morrison? Marley? No. Axl. Jack. That’s it! It just had this ring to it. I was very strong.” They’d already picked Jack as a middle name in honor of Fergie’s uncle who passed away.

After little Axl’s delivery via C-section, Fergie knew immediately that they were right on the money. “He’s screaming at me, crying,” she says, “And I went, ‘Okay, the name works!'”


Image via Pacific Coast News

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