Hugh Laurie Loves L.A., Surprisingly


"House" star Hugh Laurie arrives at the GQ Awards held in LondonHugh Laurie is coming out as a British man who loves L.A.

The always dashing Hugh Laurie is not the British curmudgeon you might expect when it comes to the City of Angels. In fact, he has written a lovely ode to the city, here.

He extols the weather and the beauty of the place. He celebrates the diversity and even likes the sprawl.

He explains the predisposition of Brits:

“‘You will hate Los Angeles.’ That’s what English people said to me when they heard I was heading west, to the land of low-fat milk and sugar-free honey. You’ll hate it, and be back in a week. Some of them, I suspect, were showing off their worldliness. They’d been to Los Angeles many times, seen through its glitter, tired of its ways. Others inflected their prediction with a sort of menacing imperative. ‘You will hate Los Angeles, if you know what’s good for you.’ Well I warn you… I’m sticking up for the beautiful city of Los Angeles.”

In spite of warnings, Laurie has come to love the place, not just for the geography, but also for its pace, the people, and the vibe.

Laurie says that Los Angeles is “a place of reinvention, the edge of a continent, both inner and outer, from which you can step off into a new life and a new way of looking at things. Or, if you prefer, you can decide that your old life was just fine. Either way, you end up better off.”

Los Angeles has certainly been good to Hugh Laurie. Having mastered the whole acting thing with a little show called House, Laurie is now embarking on a tour with the Copper Bottom Band to promote his album, Didn’t It Rain.

Real renaissance man, this guy.