Ivanka Trump Has Baby Boy, Goes Traditional on the Name


IvankandbabyJPGIvanka Trump’s 2-year-old daughter Arabella finally got her wish.

Her baby brother arrived this week and Ivanka and husband Jared Kushner bucked the crazy-name trend once again.

No Rocket, Zuma or Bronx here. Ivanka announced on Twitter that her little one is called: Joseph Frederick.

She explained on Tumblr that the name is in honor of his great-grandfathers.

Jared’s grandfather, Joseph, and Ivanka’s grandfather, Frederick, who, she wrote, “was a builder not just of tens of thousands of homes throughout this city, but of a tight-knit family that honors to this day the traditions he established.”

All this from her hospital bed!

I love how these days moms — and not just celebrities — seem to be tweeting during and right after delivery.

Ivanka’s been tweeting about the lack of sleep — I hear you, my friend — and how hard it is to have an older one who demands attention:

But if this barely-out-of-the-delivery-room photo is any indication, the no-sleep thing is working for her.

Welcome to the world, Joseph Frederick!


Photo courtesy of Ivanka Trump/Tumblr

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