RHONJ Star Jacqueline Laurita Had a Post-It Crazy Birthday! (Photos)


jacJacqueline Laurita of The Real Housewives of New Jersey had an interesting surprise for her birthday a couple of days ago. No, it was not a birthday party, it wasn’t a great big cake, and it wasn’t a trip to Las Vegas. Jacqueline Laurita got a post-it crazy birthday surprise!

She went out for a celebratory dinner and when she came home she not only got the treats and the birthday balloon but also a whole slew of Post-It notes from her son C.J. He put Post-Its for his mom EVERYWHERE. On the walls, in the halls and even on the toilet. Yup, the toilet.

But besides the silliness at home, it sounds like Jacqueline had a wonderful day. “I’m having a great Birthday today so far,” she tweeted. “I’m very happy.Thank you all for your well wishes.This is going to be a productive year! #grateful.” Plus her daughter Ashlee came home for a visit, so that made it all the sweeter.

Check out more photos of her birthday hi-jinx below:



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Photo Source:  Jacqueline Laurita/Instragram