Jason Schwartzman: He's Having Another Baby!


marloweObviously I love Jason Schwartzman and obviously you love him, too. So here’s some news: He’s having another baby!

Us Weekly confirms that Schwartzman and his wife, Brady Cunningham, are expecting their second child. Estimated arrival? Next spring.

This little brother or sister (they aren’t going to find out) will make a great playmate (ha!) for their little cherub-daughter, Marlowe. She’ll be 3 when the baby is born — and we all know how accepting, helpful, and undemanding 3-year-olds are!

I’m excited for Jason Schwartzman. One baby is wonderful and legitimate and fantastic. But two kids? Two is bona fide.

I’m picturing Marlowe and her sibling running around in matching red track suits. And when they get fussy, Dad can put his Saving Mr. Banks experience to good use with a lullaby. It’s a beautiful sight.

I’m also picturing Schwartzman screaming just like the dad at the end of this fantastic ad when he found out he was going to have another baby.

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Photo Source: Pacific Coast News

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