Jennifer Lawrence Beats Kristin Stewart With The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Opening Numbers


Jennifer Lawrence attends the premiere Of Lionsgate's 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' held at AMC Lincoln Square Theater in New York CityTwilight, who?

Ok, not exactly. But isn’t it amusing to think about who would prevail in the ring? J.Law with a bow and arrow or Bella and her band of blood-thirsty undead high-schoolers?

In terms of box office numbers at least, we have a victory.

I think we all knew The Hunger Games: Catching Fire was going to take over, well, everything from now until the new year but the blitz was even bigger than expected.

On opening weekend Katniss and crew took in $161.1 million which topped the $142.8 million record from The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

The beloved sci-fi book series is enough to draw fans to the screen but let’s face it, Jennifer Lawrence has got to be the secret ingredient to take it from popular to mega success.

The Oscar-winner is downright adorable. She speaks her mind. She’s talented and genuine and she kills it on every late night talk show interview she does.

There’s one more book in the The Hunger Games series and wisely, producers are dividing the finale into two installments a la Breaking Dawn.

Perhaps, they should think about three.

Image via Pacific Coast News