Jessica Simpson Shows Off Her "Ballooning" Belly


JessicaballoonjpgAs she faces the uncomfortable homestretch of her second pregnancy, at least we know Jessica’s sense of humor is still holding strong.

She tweeted this shot of herself — what a face! — along with the word “Metaphor.” As in, the balloon on her sweater is certainly mirroring the way she probably feels at the moment.

I’ve got to hand it to her– Jessica has been pregnant, nursing, generally having other forces rule her body for nearly two years straight. I think humor is probably the only way to get through it.

And we know that Jessica loves to joke around with Twitter pics. Remember the mummy photo she used to announce her pregnancy with Maxwell?

Then there was the adorable shot of Maxwell wearing a candy cane-striped onesie with the words “Bis Sis” written in the sand by her feet. That was Jessica’s way of confirming what we’d all been speculating — that pregnancy #2 was indeed in progress. Very sweet that she let Maxwell have the honor.

Will we we getting some twitter shots of a newborn sometime soon? I certainly hope so. The girl’s got a wedding to plan.

Image courtesy of Jessica Simpson