Jessica Simpson Tweets Adorable Pic of Maxwell And Dad Spooning



Wow. They say there’s nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby, but there is! A sleeping baby snuggled up with her sleeping dad.

Jessica Simpson tweeted this shot of fiancé Eric Johnson and baby Maxwell with the message, “My Loves.”

Maxwell is a budding fashionista who loves to watch mommy put on makeup. But don’t let the girliness fool you. Jessica says she is definitely “daddy’s girl” and that if Eric is in the room, Maxwell only wants him to hold her

Perhaps Eric is trying to get in as much daddy/daughter time as possible before baby #2 arrives.

I mean, that’s got to be happening soon, right? Jessica started the week off with a tongue-in-cheek pic of  her “ballooning” belly and it certainly looks like she’s reached the finish line.

Or maybe this is just how the Johnson/Simpsons do nap time. If so, I don’t blame them.

I always wanted to use nap time to get stuff done. But in reality, the prospect of snuggling up with a peaceful baby was often too delicious to pass up.


Image courtesy of Jessica Simpson

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