Josh Duhamel and Fergie are Having a Boy!


boyProud daddy-to-be Josh Duhamel announced his baby’s gender on a prerecorded segment of Live! With Kelly and Michael which will air July 17th.

And in the age of the “meet cute,” the gender reveal also can not happen without cuteness so Kelly Ripa held up 2 onesies for Josh to choose from: Pink or blue?

He milked it for a few seconds teasing the crowd before he excitedly grabbed the blue onesie and held it up for everyone to see.

It’s a boy!

Josh and Fergie have been married since 2009. Their first baby is due in September or October and Fergie’s nesting instincts must be kicking in, since the couple has been seen house-hunting together around the Pacific Palisades area. Now they know what color to paint the nursery!

I suggest they go with a Transformers theme from top to bottom in their son’s room.

That little boy is going to be so proud of his dad! He may even get to meet Optimus Prime some day. Lucky kid.