Kate and Prince William Hire His Former Nanny for George


Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge makes first public appearance since birth to baby George as she helps Prince William start the Ring o'Fire Ultra Marathon in Anglesey, WalesThe royal couple have made a major parenting decision: They’ve hired a nanny for baby George.

According to People, Kate and Prince William have chosen Will’s own former nanny, Jessie Webb.

Who better to do the job? She already knows the royal rules and has dealt with the challenge of raising celebrity children.

At age 71, East-London born Jessie Webb has been helping Prince William and Kate out with baby George in their north Wales home. Nanny Webb has no children of her own, but was hired more than 20 years ago by Princess Diana and Prince Charles to care for young William and Harry. She was there for the boys through their parents’ rocky marriage. Apparently Miss Jessie is considered a family friend and was invited to William’s 21st birthday party and wedding.

Like using his mother’s blue sapphire and diamond ring as Kate’s engagement ring, Prince William’s selection of the same nanny his mother used strikes me as a subtle tribute and as a way to remember her. Jessie Webb, after all, knew the grandmother George will never meet.

Photo Source: Pacific Coast News