Kate Winslet Gives Son Animal-tastic Name


Kate Winslet attends a photocall for their new film Labor Day during the London Film Festival

Kate Winslet and new husband Ned RocknRoll welcomed their first child together last week.

And now the little one’s name is revealed: Bear Winslet!

Baby Bear has two half-siblings, the comparatively conservatively named Mia and Joe. Mia is Kate’s daughter with Jim Threapleton and Joe is her son with Sam Mendes.

Her youngest son is the first of the three to carry the Winslet name. Kate’s explained that her brother was the only option for carrying on Winslet, but so far he has no kids.

She’s also gone on record saying that she had no intention of legally becoming Kate RocknRoll.

“I’ve never changed my name to anything so I didn’t see a reason to start now,” she told Us Weekly magazine.


Image via Pacific Coast News

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