Kelly Clarkson Announces Pregnancy on Twitter


It’ll be lullabies in the new year for Kelly Clarkson, who announced on Twitter today that she is pregnant.

Just in case Kelly and new husband Brandon Blackstock wondered if anyone would care about their news, that one little tweet has 11,909 retweets and 28,151 favorites as of this writing, making this one popular baby already.

Blackstock and Clarkson were married in October in a small ceremony on a farm in Tennessee. Kelly hasn’t shied away from sharing her desire to be a mom with the general public, before or since then. She told Jay Leno during an appearance on his show last week that she and her husband were trying to get pregnant.

“[We want a baby] like now! Practice makes perfect!” she said. “We do, we do. We’re trying, trying, trying.”

kelly-clarkson-weddingPractice certainly did make a baby, in this case. Clarkson and Blackstock’s new little one will join his children from a previous marriage: Savannah, 11, and Seth, 7.

Kelly, 31, has been easy to root for ever since she took the first American Idol title in 2002. Besides her significant talent, she has handled criticism of her weight and professional challenges with public grace. She’s one of the more fun celebrities to follow on social media, and certainly a woman unafraid to speak her mind. My soft spot for Kelly dates back to a major breakup that I got through with her song “Since U Been Gone” on repeat, and I came back more recently during an especially challenging year with “Stronger.” It’s been fun and hopeful to watch her get publicly, obviously happy in her new life with Blackstock, and her pregnancy news is the icing on that grown-up cake. She hasn’t announced a due date yet, but suffice to say that her fans will be pulling for her the whole way.

Image credit: Twitter