Kim Kardashian Divorce Finally Final!


Kim Kardashian and husband Kris Humphries pose for photographs during Kim's birthday celebration at the Marquee nightclub in Las VegasThey never really looked right together, don’t you think?

Nearly 20 months after Kim filed for divorce — 1 year, 7 months and 3 days to be exact — the Kardashian/Humphries union is no more.

I know. We thought this was taken care of already. They reached a “settlement” back in April and avoided going to trial, but there was a bit more to do.

On Monday June 3rd a legal judgment of some sort was entered which means two things: 1) Kim is officially an unmarried pregnant lady. 2) I think we’ve got the season 8 finale of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” figured out.

Just like Jessica Simpson, I bet Kim and Kanye will get on with their “I dos” immediately after their little one arrives in July. Kris Jenner is probably already in planning mode and the big question will be how different to make wedding number two from the spectacle that was Kim’s first go round.

Will she stick with three different wedding dresses or just go with one? Cut the 500+ guest list down a little? What will Ms. Kimye wear?

I can’t wait  to find out.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News