Learn the Routine for National Dance Day [video]


So You Think You Can Dance has captured the imagination of the world. We imagine: I think I can dance!

Week after week I’m inspired by these no-name, sometimes untrained dancers working hard and killing it onstage. SYTYCD has made all forms of dance accessible, fun, and exciting. We commend the producers and choreographers. Nigel Lythgoe has taken the dance momentum further with his Dizzy Feet Foundation, by creating National Dance Day in 2010.

It’s an annual celebration encouraging people to embrace dance as a fun way to get moving and stay fit. This year it’s on July 27th.

Every year the SYTYCD choreographers create a dance routine for everyone to learn and do together on the first Saturday in July. This year’s instructional dance video was just released so you can learn “Everybody Dance” in time for National Dance Day. The best part? It’s for everyone! Any age or ability level can get it together in time to party on July 27th.

So start moving with Adam Shankman and Nigel Lythgoe.

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Image Credit: Fox