Melissa Gorga Leaves New Jersey Life for the Beach Life! (Photos)


Melissa Goraga bikiniMelissa Gorga of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and her family have left their life in Jersey for a sun and surf existence… albeit temporary.

Melissa, her hubby and their adorable kids escaped the Eastern chill to frolic on the beach, play in the surf and bask in the sun in Miami, Florida.  This was an ideal time for Melissa to show off her amazing bikini body, which isn’t easy to do in the cold weather the east has had lately! Melissa works very hard on keeping her body in shape.

“I definitely work out now harder than I’ve ever worked out in my life. It came naturally to me before I had children, and now I have to work for it, which I’m used to,” she said. “I’ve always been a hard worker. I don’t mind working for it.”

But it wasn’t all beach time for the Gorgas. They also got all dressed up for some more formal family time celebrations.


Check out more photos of Melissa and her family right here:

melissa family dressed

gorga kids

Photo Source: Melissa Gorga/Instagram