Michelle Williams Focuses on One Thing at a Time


michelleMichelle Williams has been out promoting Oz as if she didn’t have a care in the world.

But she let PaperMag in on a little secret. She can only focus on one thing at at time—Her main focus is raising her daughter, Matilda.

“I wish I had side projects!” Williams says.  “I’m kind of like a ‘one thing at a time’ girl. I can’t really take on [more].”

Me too!

People may wonder what I do all day. I’m certainly not headlining in a movie like Oz. But I’ve got 4 kids. All of my best efforts go into that. And then I’m spent.

Michelle goes on, “I wish I was one of those people who’s also taking lots of photos and going to cooking classes. But I just work and raise the kid. That’s all I can do.”

I love hearing that. Raising a child is a lot and it’s also enough. No cooking classes for me, either.

So if your over-achieving friends have got you feeling a bit overwhelmed with extra-curriculars you can’t IMAGINE having the energy for, Glinda the Good Witch has some words of encouragement for you,

Raising the kid is the work, yeah. And it’s amazing, and it’s the ultimate creative act. That’s my side project and my center project.”

Good luck with your project!