New Captain America Trailer and the Stars of Marvel Universe

The Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America? Are you having trouble keeping these superheroes straight? Don’t worry. I got you.

First of all, check out the new trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, because it looks awesome and you need to see it. The second movie in the Captain America franchise comes out this April.

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Marvel is having a cultural moment. With crossover characters and narrative links between the heroes, there’s a lot of fun stuff going on now that the comics are hitting the big screen.

Now, let’s get you up to speed on who’s who in the Marvel Universe. Some of your favorite celebrities have taken on alter egos with super powers.

  • Who’s Who in the Marvel Universe? 1 of 13
  • Chris Evans is Captain America 2 of 13
    Chris Evans seen trying to hide his face as he leaves Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood

    Don't let the beard fool you. That's Chris Evans, a.k.a. Steve Rogers, a.k.a. Captain America, who wouldn't be caught dead in that scruffy beard. Now, don't get confused. Chris Evans also played The Human Torch in The Fantastic Four. But that was ages ago, and he's way cooler as super soldier Captain America, who was frozen in ice in the '50s and reawakened by Nick Fury to help The Avengers fight crime.

  • Scarlett Johannson is Black Widow 3 of 13
    Scarlett Johansson attends 'Don Jon' New York Premiere at SVA Theater in New York City

    Scarlett Johannson plays former Russian operative Black Widow. She's part of The Avengers' team, and she's also Captain America's special friend.

  • Chris Hemsworth is Thor 4 of 13
    Chris Hemsworth attends the World Premiere Of 'Thor: The Dark World' At Odeon Leicester Square in London

    Hunky Chris Hemsworth is appropriately cast as the hunky Thor of Asgard. He made a promise to protect Earth. That's why we see him so often. He's a prominent member of the Avengers, but he's got his own franchise, too. Thor 2 comes out in November.

  • Natalie Portman is Thor’s Girlfriend 5 of 13
    Natalie Portman attends 'The Dark World' premiere at Le Grand Rex in Los Angeles

    Natalie Portman plays brainy earthling scientist Jane Foster. Thor has a thing for her. That's why he protects the Earth, I guess. Jane Foster is strictly a Thor franchise cast member. She hasn't yet crossed over to appear in The Avenger series.


    Click here for more photos of Natalie Portman looking cute doing everything.

  • Tom Hiddleston is Loki 6 of 13
    Tom Hiddleston attends the World Premiere Of 'Thor: The Dark World' At Odeon Leicester Square in London

    Tom Hiddleston has become so beloved and popular among Marvel fans, but he's actually the villain, Loki, in Thor and The Avengers. But underneath it all, he's Thor's adopted frost giant brother. So maybe there's some hope for Loki. Maybe?


    And please, watch this clip of Tom Hiddleston dancing. You're welcome.

  • Robert Downy, Jr. is Iron Man 7 of 13
    Robert Downey Jr. is seen while leaving the 'Good Morning America' in New York City

    Robert Downey, Jr. is your friendly neighborhood Iron Man. And Iron Man, as you very well know, is Tony Stark — genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. He'll be in the next Avengers movie, and he will be in Iron Man 3.

  • Gwyneth Paltrow is Pepper Potts 8 of 13
    Gwyneth Paltrow wears shirt with a plunging neckline and suit for a Hugo Boss photo shoot in Los Angeles

    Pepper Potts is Tony Stark's business partner/true love. And she's kind of a superhero herself. In Iron Man 2, Pepper Potts put on an Iron Man suit and helped save the world.

  • Mark Ruffalo is The Hulk 9 of 13
    Mark Ruffalo seen with daughters Bella and Odette Ruffalo strolling in the park in the West Village in New York City

    Poor Bruce Banner. He's got anger issues. Mark Ruffalo is Bruce Banner, and when Bruce Banner gets angry, he turns into The Hulk. Hulk's a good guy to have on your side. He helps The Avengers out when they need him. And when they don't, he holes up with Tony Stark and does science bro stuff.

  • Samuel Jackson is Nick Fury 10 of 13
    Samuel L. Jackson seen leaving Asprey after attending the Affinity Real Estate Shooting Stars Benefit Welcome Pairing Dinner in London

    The illustrious Samuel L. Jackson stars as Nick Fury in the Marvel Universe. He's the one-eyed spy who put The Avengers together and keeps tabs on the whole team.

  • Jeremy Renner is Hawkeye 11 of 13
    Jeremy Renner leaving 'the Immigrant' screening held at the Palais Des Festivals as part of the 66th Cannes Film Festival

    Jeremy Renner stars as sharp shooter Hawkeye, and what he shoots is arrows. Poor guy doesn't have his own spin-off franchise ... yet. But he's an important member of The Avengers, and that's not nothing.

  • Andrew Garfield is Spider-Man 12 of 13
    Andrew Garfield seen rehearsing with a child on the set of 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' movie at Manhattan in New York City

    Andrew Garfield is Peter Parker / Spider-Man. He's got enough going on in his own franchise, but in the comics, Spidey sometimes teams up with The Avengers. So maybe if we wish hard enough, this will happen in real life — by which I mean pretend life as represented by the movies.

  • Emma Stone is Gwen Stacy 13 of 13
    Andrew Garfield seen swinging with Emma Stone as they film a scene on the set of 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie at Chinatown, Manhattan in New York City

    As Spidey's girlfriend in the second of the latest Spider-Man roboot, Emma Stone plays the iconic Gwen Stacy. Is there any chance for a Gwen Stacy crossover? After seeing her in that outfit, the answer is DOUBTFUL.


    Sorry Gwen!

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