New Old Spice Commercial Will Make You Laugh and Cry and Totally Freak You Out


The latest viral weirdness comes to you from Old Spice. They first broke out with their The Man Your Man Could Smell Like ads (“I’m on a horse.”) And their latest concoction has had over a million views since its release on January 3rd.

I can relate to the premise—A mother feels conflicted about her son’s impending arrival into manhood. Oddly, the song brings Meatloaf to mind, as does the first mother you see skulking behind her son’s bedroom door.

Other mothers peer at their sons through holes in curtains and from janitor disguises. It’s creepy. And funny. And fantasti-freaky. Even though it’s kind of disturbing, I totally relate to the sentiment. I’ve got a 16-year-old son myself. He went to his first Homecoming Dance a few months ago. Let me just slide out from under the couch cushions on my back across the floor and knit a sock—that his giant foot will never fit into. Sob.

What do you think? Off-putting or hilarious?

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