Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi Divorced in 70 Seconds


Nigella-lawsonSeven weeks after photographs of their public altercation appeared in news outlets around the world, Nigella Lawson and husband Charles Saatchi are on the road to divorce in the United Kingdom.

British newspaper The Guardian reported this morning that the couple, neither of whom were present in court, received a “decree nsi,” or an initial end to their ten-year marriage, after a 70-second hearing. A “decree absolute” usually occurs in six more weeks, and will completely end the marriage.

Lawson cited Saatchi’s “unreasonable behavior” as grounds for the divorce. She indicated in her petition, per The Guardian, this behavior was ongoing, but the public received a sad view of it in the pictures of their recent fight. Saatchi, 70, had his hands around her neck and appeared to be choking her while she cried.

Although Saatchi insisted that the argument was misunderstood, Nigella Lawson left their London home in late June, taking her children, Cosima and Bruno. Their father was Lawson’s late husband John Diamond.

It is tremendously sad to see abuse touch anyone’s life, and worse still to have it play out on a public stage. The photos of the couple’s fight were very difficult to view, and I was glad not to be in the position of having to decide whether to run them in the media. That said, it is also difficult for anyone to find the courage to leave such a situation, and especially for a mother to navigate this with young children involved. So if a view of what it is like for a well-known person to face such treatment and to choose to walk away from it is helpful for anyone else finding herself in that circumstance, perhaps the photos of Nigella Lawson’s personal struggle will help others, and that can only be a good thing.

Nigella Lawson has been such a strong and successful woman in her field, and this will surely continue. Hopefully she will be able to heal personally and live happily as well.


Image credit: Brian Minkoff- London Pixels, under Creative Commons via Wikimedia Commons


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