This is Katy Perry?! The Pop Star's Amazing Transformations


katy perry 1Look at the white-haired, older woman to the left. Does she look familiar to you? Probably not. But she should since she is one of the biggest pop stars around. This cleavage barring lady is none other than 29-year-old Katy Perry!

On April 24, Perry debuts her new video for her song “Birthday” and in anticipation, she released a teaser video where she transforms into a gaggle of the “worst birthday party entertainers,” including a Jewish MC named “Yosef Shulem,” a questionable Craigslist clown, a burly animal trainer named Ace, and a very pretty princess named Mandee.

Not only do these transformations make Perry completely unrecognizable, but I love that she is willing to embrace being far less glamorous and attractive. That takes guts, especially for someone who is in the business where image is everything.

Check out some of Katy Perry’s other transformations below:

katy 4

katy perry8

katy perry 2

You can check out the teaser video for Katy Perry’s new song right here.

Photo sources: Vevo

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