Prince William Will Take Paternity Leave When the Royal Baby Comes


Prince William, Duke of Cambridge leaves after attending Lady Melissa Percy and Mr. Thomas van Straubenzee's wedding at St. Michael's Church in NorthumberlandGreat Britain first introduced statutory paternity leave in 2003, and Prince William will be the first senior royal to take advantage of it.

When the baby is born, Will gets a fortnight off! Brits think paid paternity leave gets baby off to a great start and aids in father/baby bonding. Under British law, William is entitled to 2 weeks off at a flat pay rate of $206 a week. As a Royal Air Force Search and Rescue pilot, Will works hard for the money and deserves some time off, even if he is a prince.

The birth of the royal baby has captured the attention of the world. We can’t wait!

I, for one, think it is fascinating to imagine how the experience of Kate and Will will differ from my own because of their station in life.

At the same time, there’s really only 1 or 2 ways to get a baby out—Even if it is the future king or queen. Childbirth is the great equalizer and I’m sure Will and Kate will come through it like champs.

Now that we know Will is taking his paternity leave, this too has captured my imagination. Presumably the royal couple will have all the help they want. But in those first 2 weeks, will Dad change the diapers and wake up with the baby? I hope so. I mean, it’s rigorous and physically taxing, but those first few weeks (the zombie weeks) break you down in order to build you back up into a full-fledged parent.

The bassinet may be posh and the blankets may be heirlooms, but the spit up is the same. Good luck to Will for his 2-week initiation into fatherhood. It’s just the beginning, old chap!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News