Buggies, Nappies, and Trousers: Want to know what Kate will be saying across the pond?


So as we celebrate the birth of the 3rd in line to the British throne – a wonderful baby boy (8 pounds 6 ounces – that is one sturdy baby!) – I thought I’d share with you lovely Yanks, the words we use for OUR baby stuff over here across the pond.

Just in case you get confused with all the terms that the press here in the UK might be using when it comes to all things baby…

If you’ve ever visited the UK and asked for some chips, you may have been a bit surprised at the salty hot spuds that were brought to your table – what you would call French fries, and not the chip snack that you were after. Now if you’d asked for a bag of crisps… then you’d have got what you were hoping for.

So, here is my guide to all the Mom stuff that you call one thing, and we call something completely different!

And Congrats to Kate and William! (You may not be sleeping for a wee while… but it’s all worth it!).


  • You say ‘Stroller’… 1 of 8
    Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr bring baby Flynn to Central Park in New York City

    Kate will say Buggy! (Or pushchair).


    Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • You say ‘Diaper’… 2 of 8

    Kate will say nappy!


    Photo credit: Amazon

  • You say ‘Crib’… 3 of 8
    cot 2

    Kate will say 'cot.'


    Photo credit: Amazon

  • You say ‘binky’ or ‘pacifier’… 4 of 8
    dummy 2

    Kate will say 'dummy.' (In Ireland they say  'dodie'.)


    Photo credit: Amazon

  • You say ‘Cradle’… 5 of 8
    moses basket

    Kate will say 'Moses basket.'


    Photo credit: Amazon

  • You say ‘Body suit’ or ‘onesie’ … 6 of 8
    baby vest

    Kate will say 'vest.'


    Photo credit: Amazon

  • You say ‘Pants’ 7 of 8

    Kate will say 'trousers.' And, if you complimented someone's pants here - they'd think you liked their underwear!


    Photo credit: Amazon 

  • You say ‘Cloth Diapers’…. 8 of 8
    towelling nappies

    Kate will say 'towelling nappies.' (The kind Moms used in the era when I was born).


    Photo credit: Amazon

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