Samuel L. Jackson's Boy Meets World Slam Poem Wins Internet


Samuel L. Jackson popped up on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Tuesday to perform a poem, slam-style, about the 1990’s sitcom Boy Meets World.

Just when I think I’ve seen the best thing I’ll ever see online, something tops it. In this case, it was Jackson’s poem-perfect performance, complete with every perfect slam poet gesture and intonation. Although he says he’s probably  never seen an episode of the show, you couldn’t tell from watching. And by the time he intoned “Topanga” while he thumped his chest like a heartbeat, I was already plotting hitting replay.

“Topanga. Topanga. Topanga./beats the heart of Corey/a story as old as time./Daughter of hippies/name of a gypsy/’TOPANGAAAAAA,’ Corey cries.”

The phrase “winning the Internet” gets thrown around quite a bit, but in this case? I’d say Jackson at least made a strong showing.

Jackson’s performance heralds a new era for Boy Meets World, with the sequel Girl Meets World set to premiere on the Disney Channel this summer. The cast includes Danielle Fishel and Ben Savage back as Topanga and Corey, and Rowan Blanchard as their daughter — and the “girl” of the title.

As for Samuel L. Jackson, don’t mind me if I’m hoping Jimmy Fallon decides to have him back on a regular basis to address other TV shows, movies, and music in poetry. I would watch every single time.

Image credit: YouTube