Shakira Admits She's Still "Trying to Figure it Out" As a New Mom


ELLE July '13 cover ShakiraMore often than not when you read interviews with celebrities who’ve just had a baby, they come off as irritatingly smug. They talk about how “peaceful” being a mother is, how “over the moon” they are, and how breastfeeding just sucks all the weight right off you. (In my experience, at least, not true.)

Shakira and her Spanish soccer star partner Gerard Piqué had their first child together — a baby boy named Milan — back in January

In the July issue of ELLE magazine Shakira is refreshingly honest about the fact she doesn’t have all the answers. And that the job — the mommy job, I mean — has a never ending learning curve.

“I’m still trying to figure it all out,” she says, “And I have a feeling I will try to do the same for the rest of my life. Some people put it like it’s very idyllic, some people put it like it’s a torturing experience, but it’s not quite one thing or the other. It’s like life — it comes with everything.”

She also goes on to say that she isn’t sure what’s next for her music-wise. As all working moms know, having a kid kind of changes everything. Your routine, your attitude… and where you thought you were headed, even creatively. It’s all new territory and Shakira sounds enviably relaxed about it.

“I have no idea of where I want to go musically, but I’m fine that way,” she notes.

Her relationship with Piqué, who is about to celebrate his first father’s day, also seems to be working well. “He has his own world and that’s actually one of the healthiest things about the relationship. I know that he’s the one person who is with me not because of any interest other than the love that unites us. There’s nothing I can offer him beyond my womanhood,” she says, “Does that word exist in English?”

Images courtesy Carter Smith/ELLE

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