Sherlock Mini-Episode Gets Fans Amped for January Premiere



That’s the overwhelming suggestion from the mini-episode of Sherlock that BBCOne aired — and shared with international audiences on YouTube — as a Christmas gift for fans of this immensely popular show.

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“He’s dead. I’m sorry, I wish he wasn’t, but he really is dead, and gone,” says Rupert, in a manner of foreshadowing that suggests that might not actually be true at all.

I already admitted that I’d never seen Sherlock, and it was on my must-watch list for the winter when Series 3 begins on January 19. A peek at this mini-episode seals that deal. Benedict Cumberbatch is a fan favorite for a reason (check out the wink, please) and the storyline promises to be engrossing, too — even in eight minutes or less. The good news is that PBS has lots of extra show features, including creator and cast interviews, show news and information, and features like this Series 3 interactive trailer. The PBS Masterpiece website also allows for watching episodes online for a limited time, so take advantage of that if you’d like.

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Check all of that out if you’re starting out, like I am, and we can discover this together. I’m told that the only people not obsessed with Sherlock are those who haven’t watched it yet, so I’m calling this an investigation, Dr. Watson. Do you watch the show? What say you — Sherlock, dead or alive?

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