Teresa Giudice Trying to Keep Life Normal Before Prison Sentencing


teresaI’ve been really impressed with Teresa Giudice.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star has been keeping up such a happy disposition (at least publicly) of late. She has been making appearances, seeing friends and family, and tweeting and Instagraming as if nothing out of the ordinary is happening in her life. But there is a VERY dark cloud that follows her everywhere: Teresa could potentially be looking at over two years in prison.

I think it’s important for her family’s sake that she put up this facade. She has four adorable and sweet girls at home, she has to try as hard as she can to give them the best home life now while she can, because who knows what will happen? Instead of showing fear, she is showing them a good time, like the Easter photo at left. Let’s hope that her girls will weather the storm well.

Photo Source: Instagram/Teresa Giudice