The Royal Baby of Late Night: Jimmy Fallon Welcomes Daughter


Jimmy Fallon seen enjoying the Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York CityIt’s a girl for Jimmy Fallon and his wife Nancy!

The couple welcomed their new baby girl Tuesday, July 23rd at 6:21am.

I’m sure they had to hit pause on the Live Streaming Kate and Will coverage when the contractions got bad.

Jimmy Fallon is the cutest man—not just the cutest late show host, cutest man—ever and I think he will be a wonderful dad.

Perhaps he, Prince William, and Kanye West will trade quips on first-time fatherhood?

Kanye: “Co-sleeping!”

Prince William: “Baby-wearing!”

Jimmy Fallon: “Cloth diapers!”

Simmer down, gentleman! It’s not a contest.

Jimmy takes over The Tonight Show from Jay Leno next year. He and his wife married in December of 2007. Let’s see how late Jimmy can stay up with a new baby in the mix. Congratulations!