The Stars of 'Epic' Reveal Their Favorite Kid Flicks

EpicposterJPGWe thought our special effects were pretty special back in the day. But now if you watch films that were made 30 years ago you can practically see the puppet strings.

Still, we all have a soft spot for our favorite good-vs.-evil flicks — even movie stars who make projects like “Epic” (in theaters May 24th) that put our 2D favorites to shame in the technical department.

At a special screening for this 3D feat of animation directed by Chris Wedge (“Ice Age,” “Rio”), I asked the cast what the most epic movie of their childhood was. Colin Farrell, who plays Ronin, the leader of The Leafmen, a tiny crew of warriors charged with saving the forest, said “Star Wars.”

Gorgeous, doe-eyed Amanda Seyfried who plays M.K. a teenage girl magically shrunk down to Leafman size, said “Sonic.” As in the hedgehog. Interesting choice.

Irish actor and comic Chris O’Dowd (“Bridesmaids”) plays a snail called Grub. His pick was “Jaws.” Not exactly child-friendly.

Aziz Ansari (“Parks and Recreation”) who steals the show as Grub’s counterpart, a slug called Mub, said his favs were “E.T” and the 1986 sci-fi cult classic, “Flight of the Navigator,” which is actually being remade by Disney.

When Epic opens on May 24th it will be the realization of a dream eight long  years in the making for Chris Wedge. He began formulating the concept when he and author William Joyce saw an art exhibit filled with works depicting worlds existing in the woods.

Ronin, voiced by Colin Farrell, prepares for battle on his trusty hummingbird

Fast forward to 2013 and the story of “Epic” evolved to be about a magical world of tiny creatures — The Leafman — who are, unbeknownst to humans, waging an intense battle to save the forest from other tiny evil beings hellbent on transforming the vibrant landscape into a world of decay.

Grownups might glean an environmental message. The cast and Wedge would be happy with that but Wedge confessed his concept was more about the inter-connectedness of people.  The “we are all leaves from the same tree” idea.

Kids may or may not come away with either of those insights but they will surely notice the incredible animation particularly in the stomach-churning flying scenes. It’s hard to imaging the look of “Epic” ever seeming rudimentary but we’ll have to see what Wedge comes up with next.

Watch the ‘Epic’ trailer here

Images Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Article Posted 3 years Ago
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