Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Depict Cozy Married Life in New Video


Tim McGraw shows his preference for cozy, country, married life in his new video for “Meanwhile Back at Mama’s” featuring his lovely wife, Faith Hill. The video depicts country’s most beloved couple all dressed up and fancy in the city and contrasts those scenes with images of the couple casually enjoying their “other” life back in Tennessee.

If you aren’t already married and living a simple life in the country, this video will make you want to do so. The pretty song and comforting images just make you want to escape from the city to a few acres of farmland where bread dough can rise undisturbed by the cacophony of modern life. I’ve never wanted to raise cattle and wear boots more than I do when I watch this video.

Could this couple be any more perfect? Could their life be any more pastoral?

So, in the song, is Faith Hill “mama” or is “mama” Tim McGraw’s mother? Who can say. I just hope that these two lovebirds stay together and happy until the cows come home.

Photo Source: Pacific Coast News