Was Tori Spelling Hospitalized for a Broken Heart?


Tori Spelling is followed by a film crew for her new reality show "True Tori" whoing somg some shopping in L.A.The heart is a magnificent muscle; it keeps our blood flowing, it keeps our body working, it keep us alive. But sometimes things go wrong, from a heart attack to a heart murmur. And then there is the more emotional aspect — when one has a broken heart. Now, it’s not that the heart actually breaks, but when you are in the midst of turmoil, it can certainly feel that way.

Tori Spelling was recently (and secretly) hospitalized in Los Angeles for about six days. There has been no word on what brought her to the hospital but I’m sure that her recent marital problems with husband Dean McDermott was a contributing factor.

“He was my soulmate, but he completely broke my heart,” Spelling told Us Weekly recently. “It makes you not trust anything that’s happened in your relationship.”

There hasn’t been been any word about what happened to Tori. Reports have said it was due to a “unknown health issue.” Stress and anxiety can have a huge toll on your body and you know Tori is having a tough time. Not only is she dealing with the aftermath of Dean’s cheating,but she has been filming her reality show, as well. It sounds like Tori should take some time out of the limelight not just for marriage, her kids, her health but for her heart.

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