Watch Doctor Who Prequel Here [video]


drwhopromoI spend a lot of time introducing my kids to books, TV, music, and movies that I think are worthwhile and good. But every now and then, my kids introduce me to something really wonderful.

Doctor Who is one good show my kids introduced me to. My oldest son started watching it and together we went back and watched all the old (and by “old” I mean “post-2005″) episodes. Now you can stream the really old (and by “really old” I mean “classic”) episodes from Netflix. We’re talking black and white. The Daleks look the same, though.

Boys love Doctor Who. It’s silly, smart, funny, and science fiction-y. The monsters are scary and weird. And, do you know what? The story lines are fantastic.

A few months ago my younger son and I were catching up on some Doctor Who. As we watched David Tennant’s last episode, we held hands and we cried. It’s good stuff—good mother-son bonding stuff.

Series 7 part 2, “The Bells of St. John” premiers March 30th. Take a look at this short prequel, written by BBC-genius Steven Moffat, to get acquainted with the doctor’s newest traveling companion: Clara Oswin.

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