Will and Kate at Hogwarts [video]


hogwartsKate didn’t let her baby bump get in the way of wand dueling with William on their visit to the Warner Bros Studio in Leavesden, UK.

On their tour of “Hogwarts,” Kate was excited to meet JK Rowling. Kate has read all the books, while so-called Prince William has only seen the movies. Pfft.

These 2 are so gorgeous and perfect and happy. I love seeing them do anything. But I never dreamed that I would get to see them actually duel with wands.

Ideally we would have witnessed their sorting ceremony, but I will allow the couple some privacy. William would obviously be Team Gryffindor. Kate too, but I sense a little Hufflepuff in there as well. What do you think? (Stop acting like you haven’t thought about it.)

Will and Kate were presented with carved wands. Even though I already have my own wand, I still feel jealous. They probably have genuine unicorn heartstring in their core. My core is just a fake Phoenix feather. Sigh. Royals get anything they want.

I literally almost died from cuteness during the 1st 10 seconds of this video of Will and Kate dueling during their visit. Like Lily and James, these two.