Your Daily Entertainment Advent: December 14th!


Entertainment AdventWelcome to the Babble Entertainment Advent Calendar! Every week day between now and Christmas, we will treat you with fun facts and information about this day in entertainment history.

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December 14th:

The Jackson Five made their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show on this day on 1969. The brothers from Indiana performed “I Want You Back,” and by January of 1970, the song was number one on the Billboard charts. Watch the Jackson Five on The Ed Sullivan Show.

Entertainment Advent: Premiere of Saturday Night FeverThe first movie I ever saw in a movie theatre was Saturday Night Fever. The John Travolta disco film premiered on this day in New York on 1977. John Badham, the director of the film, was not prepared for Travolta’s charisma on location. He quickly discovered how difficult it was to film the opening scene of the film, as crowds would swarm the set. He says, “It started with a few school girls noticing him who then became hundreds and then thousands, and by noontime of that day, we had to quit and go home.”

Saturday Night Fever was apparently Gene Siskel’s favorite movie. When discussing the film, Roger Ebert, Siskel’s long-time film review partner, shared that he watched the movie at least 17 times.

Actress Vanessa Hudgens turns 24 today. Vanessa can next be seen in an intense film, Gimme Shelter, which will release on January 24th. Variety shares that the film is the “true story of a pregnant runaway teen, played by Hudgens, who finds help and salvation in a suburban shelter for teens.” I watched the trailer for the film and was completely surprised by the transformation of Vanessa in this role. This is a continuation of a shift in roles in Vanessa’s career, which began with Spring Breakers. Watch the trailer for Gimme Shelter.

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