Your Daily Entertainment Advent: December 17th!


Entertainment AdventWelcome to the Babble Entertainment Advent Calendar! Every day between now and Christmas, we will treat you with fun facts and information about this day in entertainment history.

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December 17th:

Pope Francis turns 77 today. Time‘s Person of the Year has shone in the media spotlight from the moment his name was called to serve. Time explains why they selected him as their person of the year saying, “What makes this Pope so important is the speed with which he has captured the imaginations of millions who had given up on hoping for the church at all.” This year will be the Pope’s first Christmas mass. The Vatican released the schedule for Pope Francis’ first Vatican Christmas and you can view it online.

Entertainment Advent: Milla Jovovich birthdaySuper model turned actress Milla Jovovich is 38 today. Milla recently got fist bumps from women around the world when she announced she was just fine with the size she was, even if that size was larger than it used to be. Milla says: “I always notice guys are more attentive when you have a little weight on you. My husband always loves it. [He says]: ‘Your boobs! Your arse looks amazing!'”

Happy Birthday to the first basic cable network! On December 17, 1976, Turner Broadcasting Station (TBS) first beamed its signal via satellite. TBS is a comfort network for me as I always know I can find something familiar on it whether it’s an old episode of Friends or Seinfeld or a rerun of an episode of The Big Bang Theory I never saw. This promo from 1996 shows the superstation celebrating their 20th anniversary.

Big news for fans of Minecraft! Today the game comes to Playstation. The news was revealed in this charming blog post from Sony: “Season’s greetings! Owen from Mojang here. I have some exciting news that you might be interested in. It’s about Minecraft…” Read the complete announcement on Sony.

Image Credit: Instagram via Milla Jovovich

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