Best Christmas Freak-Outs Ever!

  • Tears of Joy 1 of 20
    Grandma surprises two sisters with a Wii, and they scream, cry, and hyperventilate so hysterically that their baby brother weeps. Sister: "I think he's crying because he's so happy."
  • Nintendo-Sixty FOOOOOUUURRRR!!! 2 of 20
    If you haven't seen the viral video of the famous "N64 Kid" — a YouTube staple for the past five years — then you haven't witnessed true joy or insanity. Underrated moment: when his little sister tries to ride the box.
  • A Christmas Miracle 3 of 20
    A U.S. soldier deployed to Iraq, Sergeant Matthew Wilder, sent a letter to his two daughters' elementary school explaining how sorry he was that he was going to miss Christmas and their birthdays. He requested that the school let the girls open a present from him in front of the entire student body. The scene that ensues defines "heartwarming."
  • Santa Delivers 4 of 20
    Adorable three-year-old Kensley Penny only had two gifts on her list to Santa: a blue toy truck and her daddy, who had been deployed in Afghanistan for the past nine months. When Santa comes to visit Penny a few weeks before Christmas, he delivers the biggest present on her list.
  • This is Not the Best Christmas Ever! 5 of 20
    You've got to give this five-year-old girl credit: She knows what she does not want. Be sure to watch until the end. Her mom threatens to donate all her toys to kids who will appreciate them, and she immediately transforms from her Mr. Hyde self back to a nice calm Dr. Jekyll. Winner and still champion: Mom.
  • We Hope He Got Daddy an Ice Pack for Christmas 6 of 20
    The good news: This little boy is a future NFL quarterback. The bad news: His father needs a medic after his son shows off his rocket arm.
  • Were Going to Disney World! 7 of 20
    The last thing these two siblings wanted was matching pajamas — until they found out where they'd be wearing them in just a few hours (Hint: It's not in an embarrassing Christmas photo shoot for grandma). Their reaction is so fantastic that Disney featured the family in their "Let the Memories Begin" commercial.
  • Suspense in a Box 8 of 20
    Little Liz's dad either loves suspense or he loves gift-wrapping. He hides his daughter's dream present inside four double-wrapped boxes. When Liz finally unwraps her gift, her response trumps even the N64 kids'.
  • YeahYeah! 9 of 20
    We wish we had video evidence of the moment we first realized that Christmas rocks. For 17-month-old Molly, her epiphany comes when she topples a pile of presents and surveys her bounty of riches. We're filing this one in our "Need a Pick-Me-Up" bookmark folder.
  • You Left Us Here?! 10 of 20
    Matching pajamas? $30 Elegant Christmas box? $15 Adorable black Labrador puppy? $750 Your kids accusing you of abandoning them on Christmas Eve? Priceless
  • The Magic Touch 11 of 20
    If all customers reacted like this when getting their iPod touches, the atmosphere at the Apple store would be a whole lot different. (You might want to lower the volume first.)
  • No hugging me! 12 of 20
    Few things can bring together — or divide — a set of sons on Christmas like a season's hot new tech toy.
  • I’m going to Sea World! 13 of 20
    This 9-year-old's reaction to a trip to Sea World is great — she's so overwhelmed that big sister needs to explain the gift.
  • Oh, Snap 14 of 20
    Life might be more exciting if we reacted to everything the same way this little brother does to his gifts — although, like him, we might be a little hoarse the next day.
  • Headbangers ball 15 of 20
    Having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit? Just channel this kid's energy.
  • “Books for Christmas?” 16 of 20
    Someone's not growing up to be a future librarian — but at least his parents are getting a kick out of it.
  • Stunned Silence 17 of 20
    Sometimes the best reactions are the quiet ones. We love this kid's shocked face — and the smooth jazz playing in the background.
  • Matching Pajamas Mismatched Reactions 18 of 20
    It seems like the younger son in this family isn't quite sure how to react when he receives a Wii for Christmas, but big brother definitively sets a good example.
  • A Wii for Me 19 of 20
    Did Nintendo realize their console would make kids across the nation sing: "I gotta wee! I gotta wee!"?
  • Foot in Mouth 20 of 20
    We hope this girl took a footbath before opening her cell phone on Christmas — you'll see why.
Article Posted 5 years Ago
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