Winter Crafts for Kids: Fun projects for children of all ages.


When the weather gets colder and the nights get darker, children are forced to spend more time indoors. Keep them occupied with these fun craft projects that will help fight off the winter blues!

  • Preschool

    Play-Doh Snowmen: These Play-Doh snowmen are easy for little hands to mold, and adding the details gives each snowman a little personality. Just make sure your kids know that Play-Doh is for playing with, not eating!

    Q-tip Snowflakes: Q-tips are perfect for little ones to use to create their very own snowflakes – and you probably have them in your bathroom already! Help your children make their snowflake shapes and designs.

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  • Kindergarten

    Polymer Clay Snowmen: These snowmen take a little time and patience to make, but they’ll provide your children with hours of imaginative play while helping them develop fine motor skills. Make a whole family of snowmen with them!

    Foil Snowflakes: Paper snowflakes are perfect for this time of year – add some extra sparkle by using tin foil instead! Your children can practice their scissor skills while creating snowflakes of all shapes and designs!

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  • Grade School

    Snow Globes: Let it snow! Children will love making their own snow globes with unique winter scenes they can enjoy all year long.

    Shrinky Dink Snowflake Necklaces: Your older kids will love playing with different designs to create their own personalized snowflake jewelry!

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