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10 DIY Covers for Your Laptop, Tablet and Phone

Keep those gadgets covered with your own personal seal of approval by making it yourself. You can make a simple laptop sleeve with velcro or add a zipper. Sew up some quick felt phone cases to use for stocking stuffers. Check out all the cute and customizable cases and covers in these 10 DIY Covers MORE »

3 Tech Gifts for Dads!

So, the holidays are upon us and you still have no idea what to get the dads in your life. Typical. It’s natural. We’re fickle fellows. If the men in your lives are anything like we are, then you deal with what our wives have to contend with every day: they ask us what we MORE »

4 Great Gift Ideas for the Techie in Your Life

Are you a techie? If you answered no, but you’re tasked with trying to figure out what to buy the brainiac in your life for Christmas don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with a number of great gift ideas for the techie in your life. We’ve also kept cost considerations in mind so nothing on MORE »

The 12 Best Family-Friendly PC Video Games

My husband and I have long been fans of video games, starting in our youth and continuing well into adulthood. I like city-building Sims and puzzle games, and he likes adventures. It can be hard to know what games to look for if you’re not up on the genre though, especially if you want something MORE »

Tech Gifts for Teens and Tweens

My girls are at a tricky age. Short of the youngest, there are no toys on the wish lists. The teen is at an age where she basically has everything. She has a smart phone, a school-issued tablet, and a laptop. What’s left? The tween is especially difficult – she’s still too young for all MORE »

Mom-friendly family PC Games

Many families like to play games together – and mine is no exception. While we enjoy board games, we’ve played computer games together since our family started! I’ll share with you a few online games that we enjoy playing together, along with a few safety tips, after the break.

Gadgets to Get Dad this Holiday Season

Okay, so dads get a bit of good-natured ribbing for sometimes falling a little behind the times, and maybe it’s deserved at times. But a lot of the popular tech trends that are predominate today got their start in the nascent glow of the decades that dad was hip and cutting edge, and what better MORE »

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