10 Adorable DIY's Under $5


I came across a few DIY’s recently that all seemed relatively budget-friendly.  From this neon embroidery-wrapped electrical cord  to a clock made using a paper plate, here are ten pretty adorable DIY’s under $5.

  • Paper Plate Clock 1 of 9
    Paper Plate Clock
    How fun! Find a cool paper plate and make a clock!
    From Liz Stanley at
  • Yellow Drip Planter 2 of 9
    Yellow Drip Planter
    Grab an old planter and give it a lift with some bright paint. This yellow looks especially bright with the brown.
    From Old Brand New.
  • Hand Printed Table Runner DIY 3 of 9
    Hand Printed Table Runner DIY
    Create a tribal-inspired runner with a piece of cork and cardboard.
    From A Beautiful Mess.
  • Dyed Doily Lampshades 4 of 9
    Dyed Doily Lampshades
    A neat idea using old doilies.
    From Via Meet Me at Mikes.
  • T-shirt Shag Rug Tutorial 5 of 9
    T-shirt Shag Rug Tutorial
    Using old t-shirts, make a fluffy shag rug!
    From Rags by Sock Monkey.
  • Hair Wrap for Electrical Cords 6 of 9
    Hair Wrap for Electrical Cords
    Wrap your electrical cords using embroidery thread (just like a hair wrap)! Love it in neon colors! This tutorial's in french, but I'm including a link to a video tutorial on hair wraps which can be translated for this.
    From View the video here..
  • A Summer Clutch 7 of 9
    A Summer Clutch
    Made from a rattan placemat, this little summer clutch will be the hit of the season.
    From Vanalisa Scafaria.
  • Make Your Own Nail Polish In Any Color 8 of 9
    Make Your Own Nail Polish In Any Color
    Make any color of nail polish you wish using eyeshadow and some clear polish.
    From Delighted Momma.
  • Washi Tape Pedicure 9 of 9
    Washi Tape Pedicure
    Not only is this idea budget-friendly, it's super fun to do.

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