10 Amazingly Fun DIY Outdoor Games


I grew up in a family of five children. And we played A LOT of games. When the summer came, my mom would kick us outdoors, so we’d have to figure out what to do – and it usually involved games outdoors as well. We’d make up our own games, or we’d build them out of cardboard boxes or whatever we had available. I have fond memories of that time, and I thought it would be fun to put together a collection of DIY outdoor games so that you can create your own fun memories as well. Click through the slideshow to see some awesome outdoor games that you can easily make yourself!

  • 10 Amazingly Fun DIY Outdoor Games 1 of 11
    10 Amazingly Fun DIY Outdoor Games

    Click through the slideshow to see them!

  • DIY Twister 2 of 11

    With some cans of spray paint and a circle template, you can have Twister ready on the lawn in minutes.

    Find out more at Wired

  • Ring Toss 3 of 11

    You can use old glass bottles and acrylic paint you already have on hand to decorate the bottles. The rings are made from embroidery hoop parts.

    Get instructions at Woman's Day

  • Cornhole 4 of 11

    Beth built her cornhole boards and then decorated them with pretty paints and sayings.

    See how they were made at Stories A to Z

  • Bananagrams 5 of 11

    Not only do you get to play bananagrams outdoors, but you get exercise from moving the tiles!

    Find out more at Constantly Lovestruck

  • Chess and Checkers 6 of 11

    Use landscape squares to make your board and plastic plates for your play pieces!

    Learn more about the project at NellieBellie

  • Deck Game Board 7 of 11

    This awesome post shows how Desiree turned a deck into a fun game board! She used all sorts of fun pieces from the dollar aisle at Target and dice she made.

    Get the how-to at Design Dazzle

  • Ladder Golf 8 of 11

    This ladder golf frame was made out of PVC pipe - AND is fun with the patriotic theme.

    Get the instructions at Mom Endeavors

  • Lawn Jenga 9 of 11

    This game is as fun to play as the original - just make sure to get out of the way when it topples!

    Learn more at HGTV

  • Urban Horseshoes 10 of 11

    This version of horseshoes can be made using materials from the hardware store.

    See how it was done at Ecab

  • Viking Chess 11 of 11

    This fun game has been around for a thousand years - and you can recreate it with a 4x4 post and some dowels.

    Get the how-to at This Old House

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