10 Animal Bookends You'll Love


Bookends are a great way to add some fun and variance to your books. While I love a bookshelf filled with books, it can become an eyesore if there isn’t something pretty or unique to look at. Some of my favorite bookends are animal bookends. Don’t ask me why, they just are. I love the fun factor they bring to displayed books I suppose.

Here are 10 animal bookends I am pretty sure you will love. I know I do!

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  • White Whale 2 of 11
    bookend 01

    Not the famous white whale, but it's still awesome. Your books would look great between these! 

    Get it here for $150 from Bixby And Ball.

  • Pup 3 of 11
    bookend 02

    Everyone loves a wiener dog. I love this simple white one. So fun!

    Get it here for $150 from Bixby and Ball

  • Whale 4 of 11
    bookend 03

    Is it just me, or does this whale look super happy to have some books to hold on to? I would love this in a kids room! 

    Get it here for $68 from Anthropologie

  • Brass Elephants 5 of 11
    bookend 04

    How about some classy brass elephants for your bookshelf? I thought you might like that.

    Get them here for $86.87 from Etsy

  • Balloon Animal 6 of 11
    bookend 05

    I absolutely love this one! Sure it would look great in a kids room, but I want this one for my office!

    Get it here for $42 from Land of Nod

  • Rhino 7 of 11
    bookend 06

    I think it's safe to say that rhinos are one of my favorite animals. These simple grey rhino bookends are awesome for any space. 

    Get it here for $59 from Land of Nod

  • Pig 8 of 11
    bookend 07

    This is one of my favorites. Who can resist a happy little golden pig? 

    Get it here for $29.95 from CB2

  • Hippos 9 of 11
    bookend 08

    These little hippos would be perfect for a nursery! The are soft and neutral to match just about any decor. Plus, you gotta love hippos!

    Get them here from Baby Braith Waite

  • Gator 10 of 11
    bookend 09

    A silver gator is just what your home's man-cave needs. Am I right? 

    Get it here for $49.95 from Z Gallerie

  • Owls 11 of 11
    bookend 10

    These white owls are perfect bookends. Technically it's just one owl, but you get what I mean. Cute, right? 

    Get it here for $29.95 from Z Gallerie


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