10 Awesome Swimwear Items For Boys


It’s swim suit shopping time but lets not leave out the big boys! They need to get ready for diving boards and slides and all kinds of mischief. Here are 10 awesome swimwear items to help them do it well.

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  • Little Shorts 2 of 11
    Little Shorts
    These little shorts are so cute. And totally James Bond. What boy doesn't want to be Bond?
    Buy them here for $20 at Mini Boden.
  • Toweled Hoodie 3 of 11
    Toweled Hoodie
    Forget the towel and the shirt after he goes swimming. All you need is right here.
    Buy them here for $38 at Mini Boden.
  • Ultra Bright 4 of 11
    Ultra Bright
    Super bright and super cool. He will love them!
    Buy them here for $14.95 at Old Navy.
  • Flip Flops 5 of 11
    Flip Flops
    I mean, what boy wouldn't love funky skeleton flip flops?
    Buy them here for $3.94 at Old Navy.
  • Rugby Stripes 6 of 11
    Rugby Stripes
    Classic rugby stripes. Enough said.
    Buy them here for $19.95 at Gap.
  • Tentacles 7 of 11
    These are kinda fun. The embroidered tentacles will be a huge hit with the boys.
    Buy them here for $26.94 at Gap.
  • Shades 8 of 11
    He will look so cool in these simple sunglasses. And so affordable!
    Buy them here for $5.95 at H&M.
  • Tee Rash-guard 9 of 11
    Tee Rash-guard
    I am a fan of rash-guard shirts, but not of how they look. This one just looks like a cool tee. So yeah. Much better.
    Buy them here for $36.50 at J Crew.
  • Color Blocked 10 of 11
    Color Blocked
    Rad little color blocked trunks. I love them.
    Buy them here for $45 at J Crew.
  • Striped Flops 11 of 11
    Striped Flops
    He'll love these flip flops. Trust me.
    Buy them here for $24 at J Crew.

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