10 Beautiful Heirlooms In The Making


Shopping is one of my favorite pastimes! Although, not in a Cher and Dionne in Clueless kind of way. Not that I don’t love me some good Clueless reminiscing, because I certainly do. But my kind of shopping is more about the hunt. Which is why I was so excited to have Beso ask me to share my picks for 10 items awesome enough to be dubbed heirlooms in the making! Whether it be at the mall or flea markets or antique shops, I love seeking out little treasures and I’ve collected many. The things I know I’ll love and keep for decades to come? Those are my absolute favorite finds. So today I’m really excited to be sharing 10 picks for heirlooms in the making – get all the product details and pricing at Beso!

  • 10 Heirlooms in the Making 1 of 11
    10 Heirlooms in the Making
    Click through for my picks for products that are heirlooms in the making!
  • Gold Pig Bookends 2 of 11
    Gold Pig Bookends
    These quirky little bookends have modern style that will stand the test of time. They're that statement piece that will always have people asking where you got them!
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  • Patricija Baby Crib Mobile 3 of 11
    Patricija Baby Crib Mobile
    This mobile is sincerely breathtaking in its handcrafted beauty. It will look lovely in a nursery today, a toddler's room tomorrow, and just as good for the next generation.
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  • J. Crew Pavé Feather Pendant Necklace 4 of 11
    J. Crew Pavé Feather Pendant Necklace
    When my grandmother passed, I was thrilled to inherit some of her fabulous costume jewelry. This pavé piece is dainty while still being bold, sure to be treasured for decades to come.
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  • Saal Wood Candelholders 5 of 11
    Saal Wood Candelholders
    The sleek style of these candleholders—paired with a warm wood finish—will make them a staple in your home. Thanks to the clean lines, they'll never go out of style.
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  • Reverie Infinity Scarf 6 of 11
    Reverie Infinity Scarf
    Made from super-soft organic cotton and printed with eco-friendly dyes, this stunning floral scarf is perhaps the perfect accessory: It's colorful, stylish, and of a quality that will literally last forever.
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  • Elephantine Kavala Gold Bracelet 7 of 11
    Elephantine Kavala Gold Bracelet
    Sometimes the simplest things become the items that you love to no end and keep for years and years. This glittery little bracelet is the perfect example of timeless elegance.
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  • Mr. Boddington’s Penguin Classics 8 of 11
    Mr. Boddington's Penguin Classics
    Endearing classics wrapped in beautiful, hand-drawn illustrations will look seriously amazing on any bookshelf for the next century (or longer). And because the stories themselves are already timeless, these tomes will be treasured for a lifetime.
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  • Handmade Crochet Lamb Toy 9 of 11
    Handmade Crochet Lamb Toy
    In lieu of mass-market stuffed animals, a super-cute handmade little lamb is one of those toys that will be dragged around, loved like crazy, and ultimately stowed away for safekeeping.
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  • Aero Flatware 10 of 11
    Aero Flatware
    Great flatware should never be underestimated for lending great style to your entertaining arsenal. The super modern look of this Aero design has a timeless quality that will have grandkids haggling over it years from now.
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  • Owl Cookie Jar 11 of 11
    Owl Cookie Jar
    Cookie jars (and other awesome canisters) crop up everywhere at flea markets and antique stores. This is a piece that will always impart great style and harken back to the trends of the 2010's.
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