10 Beautiful Items For Your Table From Leif


Leif is a gorgeous shop all around. They have such unique and artistic items you can’t find anywhere else. I especially love their table top section! I want it all on my table. Now. Here are my 10 favorite items from leif. Check it out and see what I mean.

  • Leif Table Top 1 of 11

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  • Utensils 2 of 11
    leif 01

    These fun utensils come in a variety of colors. Aren't they pretty? I love them.

    Get them here for $22 from Leif.

  • Tray 3 of 11
    leif 02

    This platter or tray or whatever you want to call it, is perfect. It's simple enough that it can go with a bunch of different themes and colors but it also adds a fun punch that I love so much.

    Get it here for $40 from Leif.

  • Napkins 4 of 11
    leif 03

    These napkins are so fun! I love the colors and shapes. A pleasure to wipe your mouth with them.

    Get them here for $20 from Leif.

  • Spoons 5 of 11
    leif 04

    How pretty are these little spoons? Adorable.

    Get them here for $11 from Leif.

  • Brass Spoons 6 of 11
    leif 05

    These little spice spoons are amazing. If you are a lover of spices, these spoons are for you.

    Get them here for $10 from Leif.

  • Placemats 7 of 11
    leif 06

    These placemats are fantastic! I love them. Like, love them love them.

    Get them here for $8 from Leif.

  • Serving Set 8 of 11
    leif 07

    The perfect dishes for any dinner party. So fun.

    Get them here for $118 from Leif.

  • Spreaders 9 of 11
    leif 08

    Oh how I would love to have these along side an array of fancy cheese. The perfect match, right?

    Get them here for $40 from Leif.

  • Bread Platter 10 of 11
    leif 09

    The only thing better than bread is bread on this platter. 

    Get it here for $98 from Leif.

  • Server 11 of 11
    leif 10

    You know I love a good party and I really love a good cake. Serve it up with one of these fancy and adorable servers. 

    Get one here for $18 from Leif.

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