10 Beauty Shortcuts for the Time-Crunched Mom


No one ever says, “Gee, I wonder how I can make my beauty routine longer in the morning.” We’re all looking for ways to cut corners and shave off time — whether it’s a fast hair tutorial or multi-tasking makeup.

Well Real Beauty rounded up 33 “Lazy Girl Shortcuts” to make your beauty routine faster — and here are my 10 favorites:

  • Longer-Lasting Lipstick 1 of 10
    Longer-Lasting Lipstick
    To keep your lipstick from fading — and to avoid multiple re-applications — use a small amount of foundation on your lips first.
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  • Eye-Makeup Oops 2 of 10
    Eye-Makeup Oops
    Fixing smudged eyeliner and mascara mishaps can feel like a real time waster, but there's no reason to break out the makeup remover and start over. Just dip a Q-Tip in a little eye cream to clean up the area.
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  • Crumbling Eyeliner 3 of 10
    Crumbling Eyeliner
    There's nothing worse than having your eyeliner crumble (and smudge) as you're rushing out the door. Next time, place your eyeliner in the freezer for 10 to 15 minutes (while you get dressed and fix your hair) before sharpening and applying it. Problem solved!
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  • On-the-Go Face Blotter 4 of 10
    On-the-Go Face Blotter
    Real Beauty suggesting grabbing a bunch of toilet-seat covers next time you're out, and then cutting them up into 2-inch squares. They'll soak up the excess oil on your face quickly.

    Although there's a slight "ick" factor because of their public bathroom location, it's pretty darn brilliant. Just use covers that are waaaay back in the pile.
  • Faster Nail Drying 5 of 10
    Faster Nail Drying
    I find myself avoiding at-home manicures because I can never spare enough time to really let them dry. But here's a smart tip: Let your nails dry for two minutes, and then submerge them in ice water for three minutes. The cold water helps nail polish completely dry — and we can all spare a measly five minutes.
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  • Faster Hair Drying 6 of 10
    Faster Hair Drying
    I have extra thick hair (making blow drying a serious time commitment), so this tip was a HUGE game-changer for me: Blow dry hair starting with the hair underneath and working your way to the outer layers. It's so much faster than just an overall blow dry.
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  • Sleep on Satin 7 of 10
    Sleep on Satin
    If you find yourself spending way too much time just taming your morning bed-head, try sleeping on a satin pillowcase, which smooths hair as you sleep.
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  • Add Heat 8 of 10
    Add Heat
    This one I knew about — especially because they now make heated eyelash curlers — but it's worth including: Blast your eyelash curler with your blow dryer for a couple of seconds (not too long!), and it'll lock in your eyelash curl.
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  • Dirty Hair Solution 9 of 10
    Dirty Hair Solution
    If you don't have time to shower and there's no dry shampoo in the house, just take your biggest makeup brush and dab it in a little face powder (or even baby powder) to soak up any extra oil and dirt on your roots.
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