10 Best ABC Toys


My toddler is by no means “gifted” or highly accelerated — he’s right on target, a little faster and a little slower in different areas — but one way he’s stood out is his love of the ABCs. From an unlikely young age, he could sing the entire ABC song and cite every single letter without fail. Parents would say Wow, what’s your secret? Either that or they’d assume I must have been flash-carding and drilling him before bedtime.

But all I did was play with him, making the letters available and part of everyday life. Here are 10 of my favorite ABC toys to get kids excited about the alphabet:

  • Kid O A to Z Magnatab 1 of 10
    Kid O A to Z Magnatab
    Kids learn to write upper and lower cases with this unique, magnetic, sensory-driven toy.
  • Sassy Bathtime Fun Appliques 2 of 10
    Sassy Bathtime Fun Appliques
    I credit much of my son's early ABC learning/loving to these stick-on-the-wall bath letters.
  • B.Toys Alphaberry 3 of 10
    B.Toys Alphaberry
    It looks like mom's blackberry, except each button reads a letter aloud. Plus it plays different versions of the ABC song.
  • Alphabet Art Puzzle, Melissa + Doug 4 of 10
    Alphabet Art Puzzle, Melissa + Doug
    This is one of my son's very favorite puzzles, beautifully depicting the alphabet.
  • ABC Magnets, Melissa + Doug 5 of 10
    ABC Magnets, Melissa + Doug
    A classic, for sure.
  • Charley Harper Flash Cards/Floor Puzzle 6 of 10
    Charley Harper Flash Cards/Floor Puzzle
    While we're not ones to advocate "flash-carding" toddlers, having some colorful ABC cards to thumb through is a good way to catch their interest. And this one also doubles as a floor puzzle.
  • Stuffed Felt Alphabet Letters 7 of 10
    Stuffed Felt Alphabet Letters
    This Etsy shop also sells letters in Spanish, Danish, Swedish, German and Hebrew.
  • Wooden Blocks 8 of 10
    Wooden Blocks
    Wooden ABC blocks are a classic ABC toy, and there are so many to choose from (like from Melissa + Doug and Uncle Goose). Yet these XYZ blocks are a fun alternative, with A being for Afro and S being for Sunburn.
  • ABC Color Creations Crayons Set 9 of 10
    ABC Color Creations Crayons Set
    Handmade on Etsy.
  • ABC knit toys 10 of 10
    ABC knit toys
    Unfortunately you have to have some sewing skills to make these ABC plush toys, but the sewing patterns are only $3 on Etsy and come in every letter. What a sure-fire way to get your toddler to LOVE the ABCs.

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