14 Best DIY Halloween Decor From Martha Stewart


We all love Martha. It’s ok to admit it. She’s amazing! Some of my all time favorite Martha crafts and DIYs are Halloween based. The woman is a Halloween genius! She comes up with some pretty creative Halloween decor, and I want to incorporate all of it. Since I love all of here DIY Halloween decor so much, I went ahead and did a round up of the best DIY Halloween decor from Martha Stewart. Just for you! You can thank me later.


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  • Paper Pumpkins 2 of 16
    halloween decor 01

    Aren't these little guys adorable? I love the stripy look from the paper. So cute! 

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  • Pumpkin Jars 3 of 16
    halloween decor 02

    Don't these jars look like they are store bought from a fancy halloween boutique or something? I love all the different faces.

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  • Silhouettes 4 of 16
    halloween decor 03

    Cast some crazy awesome shadows with these silhouette candles. The jack o lantern is my favorite. 

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  • Bat Mobile 5 of 16
    halloween decor 04

    I love the idea of gathering branches and spray painting them. Then add some cool little bats and you're done! It's creepy and cute at the same time. 

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  • Cheesecloth 6 of 16
    halloween decor 05

    Buy a bunch of cheesecloth and shred it, pull it and spread it around for an instantly creepy house. So easy it's silly. 

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  • Vampire Pumpkins 7 of 16
    halloween decor 06

    These are some of my favorite Halloween crafts, ever. They crack me up every time! 

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  • Potions 8 of 16
    halloween decor 07

    This one can get pretty creepy. Add some weird objects and liquid into some apothecary jars for a mad scientist vibe. 

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  • Shadow On The Stairs 9 of 16
    halloween decor 08

    I love this one! I wish I had some stairs to cast some shadows on. I might be tempted to make the shadows even creepier. Like a guy with a chainsaw. 

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  • Spooky Windowsill 10 of 16
    halloween decor 09

    The webs on the windows, the bloody candles and creepy crawly spiders? It's a perfect Halloween windowsill! 

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  • Batty Shade 11 of 16
    halloween decor 10

    So simple and subtle. It's perfect for a little hint of halloween if you're not wanting to go all out. 

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  • Haunted Hosues 12 of 16
    martha 03

    These cute houses are easy to make and will make your Halloween decor look amazing! 

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  • Lifelike O Lanterns 13 of 16
    martha 02

    These adorable pumpkins, aren't pumpkins! I am in love with the bright colors. 

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  • Friendly Ghost Shades 14 of 16
    martha 04

    These shades would be so much fun to make and have up at a Halloween party! You have to love the black and white contrast. 

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  • Nature’s Canvas 15 of 16
    martha 01

    Download some adorable clip art to carve onto your plain pumpkins. The pumpkins will be the talk of the town! 

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