10 Best Fall Crafts For Kids


As much as I love summer (and I really do) fall is on its way and with it are fall crafts and decor. There are so many great fall crafts that the kids can make and get them excited for the fall festivities coming up! Here are 10 fantastic fall crafts just for kids.

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  • Apple Prints 2 of 11
    fall kids crafts 01

    With some apples and some paint in some great fall colors, let the kids go to town making some great pieces of art. You have to love those colors! 

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  • Marbled Leaves 3 of 11
    fall kids crafts 02

    These marbled leaves are so fun and easy to make. The kids won't want to stop! 

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  • Coffee Filter Garland 4 of 11
    fall kids crafts 03

    This pretty leaf garland is made from coffee filters! I kind of can't believe it. The kids will love painting these pretty leaves. They can even paint their initials on them! 

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  • Finger Painted Tree 5 of 11
    fall kids crafts 04

    Can you spot the little hand underneath all those pretty fall colored dots? This is such an adorable craft for the kids! 

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  • Fall Branch 6 of 11
    fall kids crafts 05

    Give them some buttons and glue and a twig from the yard and let them go to it! It's a great project for an afternoon. 

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  • Apple Coasters 7 of 11
    fall kids crafts 06

    This is a project that would be awesome for older kids. Adorable and colorful apple coasters - or just apples for play time! 

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  • Leaf Mask 8 of 11
    fall kids crafts 07

    What kid doesn't love a great mask for play time? I love this pretty red leaf one. So cute! 

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  • Tissue Paper Sun Catchers 9 of 11
    fall kids crafts 08

    I don't know how many sun catchers my son and I have made, but we're always game for one more! These leaf  ones are perfect for fall. Great for decorating! 

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  • Pinecone Decor 10 of 11
    fall kids crafts 09

    Some colorful and festive pinecones to adorn your door! The kids will love gathering them and painting them the pretty fall colors. 

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  • Bowling For Gourds 11 of 11
    fall kids crafts 10

    Aren't these adorable? These would be a great lawn game for a early fall party. The kids will absolutely love them! 

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